Valerie’s story

Valerie has been practicing Mindfulness and Meditation since 2010, mainly within the Buddhist tradition. She discovered the practices when looking for a way to deal with her own chronic anxiety and compulsive behaviours, after feeling dissatisfied and disillusioned with conventional treatments and approaches she was offered. She learned to meditate and integrate Mindfulness practice into her life. As she did this regularly, she found that she felt calmer, more grounded and less pulled around by her emotional and thinking patterns. Over time, Valerie has developed her sense of self-awareness and the ability to respond more skilfully and non-judgmentally to her experience, moment by moment. She is passionate about the practices and enthusiastic to invite others to learn about and experience their transformative potential. Valerie’s first hand experience coupled with her intensive formal training provide the foundations from where she shares her knowledge and teaching.

Experience And Training

Valerie is a graduate of The Mindfulness Training Institute (which is accredited by IMTA- International Mindfulness Teachers Association) Her formal training includes studying the history, context and applications of Mindfulness and exploring Buddhist, Scientific and Ethical aspects of the practice as well as individual inquiry and group work. Her teachers, Martin Aylward and Mark Coleman, are highly experienced within their field. Valerie graduated from the Mindfulness Training Institute and is a certified Mindfulness Teacher.

Valerie has spent several years working with Mindfulness-Based Self Compassion Therapist Wiebke Pausch. This work has included investigating responses to emotional and thought patterns, and cultivating a more compassionate and less frictional relationship with one’s self and experience.

In 2015 she completed a Mindfulness Based Addiction Recovery Programme run by International Teacher Vimilasara Mason-John, in which she learned how the practical application of Mindfulness can be an effective way of meeting compulsive and addictive behaviours.

Valerie has experience working with Mindfulness as a way to respond to the stresses and demands of daily life, and also as a way of meeting life’s greater challenges including anxiety, compulsive and addictive behaviours, end of life, bereavement and trauma.

Bringing Mindfulness into the world

Valerie teaches Mindfulness and Meditation in the form of courses and workshops and also one to one classes. She is also able to work with individuals and groups within the Health, Education and Judicial Systems. One to one classes and teachings to the non General Public can be structured and tailored to individual needs.